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H-1B Renewal with new H-4 Visa

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  • H-1B Renewal with new H-4 Visa


    My current H-1B expires on September 30, 2014 and I'm planning (my employer) to apply for an extension on April 1. I am getting married in June, so I'm planning to do a premium processing so that my extension is approved before I travel. I have a few questions regarding the same and would be really helpful to get any of those answered.

    1. Should I go for an interview while I travel to India in June to get the H-1B extension stamped (I would still have 3 months left) ?

    2. If yes to (1), Can my wife (new H-4) and I (renewal of H-1B) go to the interview together ?

    3. If no / not required to (1), how do I indicate that my extension is approved when my wife goes in for the new H-4 ?

    4. If I don't get the extension stamped (expiry will be sept 30, 2014 in the passport), should I show the new I-797 at the port of entry ?

    Thank you very much for all the help in advance and apologies if I missed anything else.