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H1 visa---Green Card Filed---Family Based Immigration---Hello

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  • H1 visa---Green Card Filed---Family Based Immigration---Hello

    Hello all,
    Please...please Help/Advice.

    Our Immigrant Visa(Green card) has been filed with a priority date of 2002 under the family immigration process. We know that current priority date is around 1998 . I am the dependent and my husband is the primary applicant.

    I am a teacher by profession and now it so happened that i have been selected from the Institution and they are planning to send me on my J1/H1 Visa depending upon availability of H1B Visa availability.

    In the past we had our B1/B2 Visa's Refused from the US Embassy and since our Green card is filed we are trying to be very careful.

    Since the Green card process is very slow, Can anybody recommed if one can accept the offere and be their in US on H1/J1 Visa.
    Which one is better(why). Now if so, then what happens if the Greencard gets approved in between. Where does the person stands and what needs to be done in future so that the green card is not in trouble.

    Thanks a ton, in advance..