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Third RFE on fresh H1B (VIBE)- Please help!

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  • Third RFE on fresh H1B (VIBE)- Please help!

    I have applied for fresh h1b and I got this RFE (this is my 3rd RFE) from USCIS
    "the information you provided about your company/organization's name, at address, xxx, is insufficient for USCIS to match your company/organization to information in
    Submit documentation to confirm your company/organization's official name and address. Additionally, if the location
    provided on your Form I-129 is used instead of, or in addition to, the official business address, explain. Below are
    examples of evidence that may be submitted, including copies of your company/organization's:
    current rental agreement, lease, or mortgage that is signed and dated by all parties;
    valid city, county, state or federal government business licenses; colored photographs of the fornt, back office, inside of the office etc,
    articles of incorporation or other corporate documentation, if applicable;
    letter from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS);
    state quarterly wage reports;
    federal tax statements;
    invoices or payment receipts".
    My employer's company is very small one probably with 10 to 12 employees and they are all on opt status(f1 status) and I am not sure if has sponsored one or two h1b's. Regarding the query he is telling me that USCIS VIBE gets its information of companies from third party. I just wanted to take an second opinion on this. Could you please elaborate the complexity of this query and chances of approval of my h1b. What are the documents he needs to send to USCIS for clearing this query

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    Hello ,

    Did you employer sent out the required details ? Even I got RFE for the same VIBE reason