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H1 B transfer related queries. Please help

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  • H1 B transfer related queries. Please help

    Hi All,

    Greetings !!
    Hope you all are doing good.

    I have some queries in H1 B visa transfer as follows, please have a look at them and provide your valuable comments:

    Queries on H1 visa:

    1. Can we have an H1 transfer to a new employer being at India and not USA ?
    2. What is the transfer fee and processing time for H1 transfer ?
    3. Can we have the H1 visa transfer without the approval notice documents but only on File number ? If yes, then what is the fee and processing time ?
    4. What if the visa holder leaves the current company from which H1 is approved, will the visa still remain valid until it is not explicitly revoked and transfer can be
    done ?
    5. Can we file an H1 visa extension from India ? what are the chances for it to get approved at USCIS ?
    6. Is H1 visa remains valid even after it is expired and extension is not filed from the current employer and visa holder leaves the company (Visa is still in 6 years lap
    i.e. only 2 years old from fresh cap approval) ? And after expiration, can we file extension from some other employer ?
    7. Procedure for H4 to H1 transfer. And documents needed for this.