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Can I prepone this appointment from chennai to delhi to some earlier date

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  • Can I prepone this appointment from chennai to delhi to some earlier date


    I have this problem with my L1 visa appointment,
    Any info is much appreciated.

    I got the visa appointment at chennai for 01-feb-2006.

    My queries are.

    1. Can I prepone this appointment to delhi-consulate to some earlier date ?
    2. If I select at state of residence as DELHI in VFS, i am seeing there
    are slots available in NOV and DEC. But my office travel desk telling
    they are not seeing the same.

    I am asking them to prepone to 23-NOV, Since I am seeing the slot free.
    But they are saying with BEP login, They could not able to see any
    delhi slots and for chennai it is available only in march-2006.

    I am wondering what would be the difference in seeing the slots with
    BEP login and as a general user.

    3. May be a wild question, Any guess on availability of free slots at
    CHENNAI or DELHI consulate


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    You can't do consulate shopping around.
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      My case is also same as yours. What happened then? Can you please let me know?


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        Dear Friend,


        1. One can prepone from Chennai to Delhi, If their company is
        a BE member company. Check with your office HR/Travel Desk.
        So, If you are a employee of such company and got slot in chennai
        for February and you can prepone to delhi for January (if slots are available)

        2. Actually at DELHI consulate there are separate queue for HYD/BANGALORE/BOMBAY
        People and separate queue for actual guys (north). You need to go at the
        respective queue. So there is no matter of rejection by saying "You have to
        go to your consulate chennai, Since you went through BE member company which
        has privilege to select DELHI as consulate)