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H1B LCA Transfer duration While in india

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  • H1B LCA Transfer duration While in india


    I got my H1 B Visa stamped in April,14, and the validity period is up to 31st Dec, 2014.Currently My LCA is of New Jersey and now I am travelling to Charlotte ,North Caroline (US) at the end of this month(November).
    Please advise on:
    1. How much time it will take to get my new LCA. Also, please advise on if there might be any issues in changing the LCA due to my VISA last date(31st Dec,2014)
    2. The last date by which we can submit the extension application .
    3. Eligibility of the candidate to enter US meanwhile the extension request is applied.
    4. The procedure of getting the extension applied, if I get to fly to US before the VISA expires.
    5. In case the company applies for VISA Renewal this month before I travel to US then in that case do I need to apply for extension for me to stay there.

    Thanks in advance !