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H1 B stamping outside US

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  • H1 B stamping outside US

    Dear all
    I am in US And was on L1-B visa. This year i applied for H1 B , cos and it got approved and my status automatically change to H1 from oct 1st 2014.
    I want to go to india for visa stamping.
    How soon is it advisable to go for stamping and what are the risks.
    Few friends are suggesting now to before 6 months from oct 1st
    Any insight on this please

    Thanks as always

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    Are L1 and H1 employer same? You working with H1 employer post COS?


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      Hi raghvi

      The employer is changed . Was working with emp -A on l1A and now started working with. Emp B on h1 b


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        Well you have to assess the strength of the H1 documentation you have before taking the risk of going for stamping.

        Do you have the client letter? How big is the company? What is their revenue? How many layers between you and the end client? Is the employer H1 dependent? What has been its past record with respect to stamping successes?

        To take the plunge or not depends a lot upon the answer to these and similar questions. If you are confident on the genuineness and strength of the employer I would say go ahead. There is no such thing as within 6 Months.

        This is my opinion not legal advice.