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new H1B application with one H1B transfer in progress

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  • new H1B application with one H1B transfer in progress

    Hi ,
    I have following queries. I am employed with company A on h1B.
    I have an offer from Company B, (which i accepted)who have started H1B process week back and suppose it will approve by February 21. I also have got another offer from company C yesterday.

    1) can i accept that offer from company C legally speaking?
    2) If yes, suppose company C also files H1B, who will eventually own it?
    3) What document would I provide company C for the application, as I-797 that I have is for company A( and not for company B).
    3) Can I legally not tell company C about my application with company B?
    4) Can i ask company B that i cannot join before February 21 or even after that , when H1B for company C is in process?
    5) Is there a way for company C to know my dealing with company B, if they only have documents for company A?

    Thank You
    A prompt reply would help me not jeopardize my current an future jobs.