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H1B Visa - 221(g) Pink Slip

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  • H1B Visa - 221(g) Pink Slip

    Hi All,

    I attened H1 Visa at US Embassy Hyderabad in the month of Nov 2014, they issued 221(g) pink slip and asked to provide lot of documents from my employer. Employer sent all the documents and I submitted to US Embassy in the end of Nov 2014. In the 2nd week of December, I received an email from them, asked some more documents from employer, and I submitted those as well within 1 week.

    Its almost 3 months over, there is no news after that. VISA status still showing "Administrative Processing". My employer said, that US officials called the client office in the 1st week of Feb 2015 for verification and they gave a positive feedback.

    Usually how long it will take time?

    Will it be a good idea to call them or send email asking for the status of Visa and how long will it take time?

    I am bit worried, will my email or phone call affect my VISA?

    Appreciate all yours valuable suggestions.