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H1B - Re-Stamping Question

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  • H1B - Re-Stamping Question

    My Husband used to work for company A earlier and has the visa stamped on the ( for Company A) passport which is valid until Oct'06. The I-94 for Company A is also valid until Oct 06.

    Recently he transferred his H1 over to company B and the new H1 ( with company B) is valid until Aug 08. He is currently working for Company B.

    If he plans a trip, outside USA ( say canada/mexico) between the period of May-Oct 2006, is it required to get the H1 (for company B) stamped on the passport?

    Could someone, tell me when exactly should the new H1 be stamped on the passport?

    Can he get this stamping in Canada/Mexico? Is it really required to plan a trip to India just for getting this stamping?

    Anyone has answers, please do let me know,

    Thanks ....

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    I know for sure that your husband does not need to get his visa restamped for going out of the country before Oct 06 - one of my friends just did that. Just ask him to carry:
    1. His I-797 and LCA
    2. Letter from the company (B) showing that he is an employee
    When he goes out and comes back, he will be allowed to come back on his old (but unexpired and valid) visa.
    As for restanping, it is no different from other cases. He can get his restamping done anywhere he chooses but it is always advisable to go to the Home country for that since you never know when the consular officers behave crazily. At least, in India, he can be at home and call his lawyers to settle things instead of a hotel for God know how much time.