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  • J1/J2 to H1-B


    I have a question regarding transition from J2 to H1. I am currently in J2 and trying to find an H1 sponsor in industry or academia. I understand that I need my spouse J1 waiver to move from J2 to H1. For industrial H1, I need to find a sponsor by April 2016, however, I can only start my job from October, 2016. Do I need to have my J2 waiver in hand from USCIS before April 2016 (when company is going to start my H1 paper work) or I need to submit before joining the job (i.e. Oct 2016) or sometime in between?

    In the same context I have another question. Previously, I was in J1 visa and I have my waiver. Do I need J2 waiver absolutely? Is there any way out using my J1 waiver?

    Any suggestion or information regarding this matter will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.