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    My problem is My wife is going for H4 visa interview on first week of Feb 2006. But my last working day in the existing company is 1st Feb 2006. I resiged in the month of Dec 2005 and my last working day is 1st Feb 2006. I didnot get the salasy slip in the month of january(For Dec 2005 salary) and I will not get any salary till my final settlement is done. I will get a formal relieving letter on my last working day. Does my wife get any problem in H4 interview fro not having a vopy of payslip for Dec 2005 and Jan 2006. I will be in indiaWhen my wife has H4 interview. I would be travelling in second week of feb 2006 to US. Please guide me what to say if they ask payslip of dec 2005 and Jan 2006.
    Suresh H Thopaiah

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    H4 is a dependent visa for H1. When H1 expires, H4 will expire.

    In your case, you have given very confusing information. If your H1 expires and your spouse applies for H4 after your H1 expires, it will be difficult for her to get H4 since she will need your H1 approval notice while applying.


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      H4 Visa questions... these are very very use ful ........

      1. When did you got married?
      2.Where does your husband work?
      3. What is his date of birth?
      4.Since when he is in US?
      5.Has he applied for green card?

      6. How long do you know your husband?

      7. Was it an arranged marriage or love marriage?
      8. How was it arranged?

      9.Do you have any friends or relatives in US?
      10.Does your husband have any relatives in US?
      11.what is your husband's age?
      12. What is your age?
      13.Are you traveling alone?
      14.What is your husband's residential address?
      15. Have you ever called your husband?
      16. What is his number?
      17.When did your husband call the last time?
      18. How many times does he call?
      19.What is your mother-in-law's name?

      20.What is your father-in-law's name?
      21. Since when is he working in US?
      22. What is he working as?

      23.Why did he leave the first job?
      24. What was the company's name?
      25.What was he working there as?
      26.What are his timings at his current job?
      28.When does he call you?
      29. What is your full maiden name?
      30. What is your husband's full name?
      31. What is your name?
      32. Where did he get his education-school/college?
      33. Where was he born?
      34.Where were you born?
      35. Wedding Photographs?
      36. Fire Ceremony Photographs?
      37. How many members were present for your marriage?
      38. Are you wearing the same wedding necklace?


      H4 Visa: Check list:

      TTS or VFS Appointment letter
      DS 156
      Employer supporting Letter
      employer offer letter
      All Pay Stubs
      Husband and wife Pass ports Photo copy
      Bank Statements
      Wedding card's (Wife and Husband)
      Marrige Certificate
      Marrige Photos( include Fire cermony photo)
      End client Letter and Photo's
      W2 form
      Tax returns
      Present employer Photo's
      Bank DD's
      50mm X 50MM White plain back ground pictures.

      Don't forgot to give reply.... :-)


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        Thanks for all replies.
        Nishant, I am working in india and this is my first H1.
        Thanks to Radha.