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How do you count 6 yrs.

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  • How do you count 6 yrs.

    Hi there,

    I was working for a multinational company before and has gotten an L1 visa with a 3 yr. expiration. Before the 3 yrs. has expired, I resigned, and my L1 was revoked. I then applied for another company in which I obtained an H1 visa. I then joined another company and my H1 changed sponsorship. My question is, the first time H1 was granted to me, it was August 2003. When I obtain the documents for change of sponsorship, it was March 2004 and has an expiration date of March 2007.

    In effect, from August 2003 to March 2007, that would be about 3.5 yrs. My L1 visa was revoked 6 months before it was due to expire, so it would look like I would have a whole 6 yrs (2.5 yrs. + 3.5 yrs) . But in actuality, I only used 1 yr staying in the US using my L1. In short, in if I follow the expirations, it adds to 6 yrs already, but if I follow the actual length of stay I have in the US working, it totals to only 4.5 yrs. Given this, can I still extend my visa to another 1.5 yrs?

    This is crucial for me in filing of my permanency.

    Thanks a zillion.

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