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Dont have 2013 w2 form

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  • Dont have 2013 w2 form

    Hi Immihelp,

    I am going to attend for my H1B interview in Hyderabad on Jan 05 2016. This is my 1st H1B and the employer is my company. I lost my 2013 W2 form and my company cant provide a new one as it has been acquired by new company. My H1B has been transferred to my new company. I do have my 2014 w2 form and Tax returns. I also have 2013 Tax returns, 2013 bank direct deposit statements and pay slips for 2013. My H1b is effective from 10/01/2014. If my company provides a letter stating that it cant provide 2013 w2 form as it has been acquired by YYYY company. Do I need to still have my 2013 w2 form? plz advise.

    Venkat Pericharla.

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    You should be able to get a copy of your tax filing from IRS. Most of the times they do not ask for W2 when you attend visa interview. But just in case it was asked and if you cannot provide, then they can issue a 221g and you will need to get it from IRS and provide a copy.
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