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Should I go again from starch for H1b processing

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  • Should I go again from starch for H1b processing

    Hi All,

    I Applied H1b 5 years back and my I129 form got approved and they sent me I 797 but due to some personal issue I did not attend H1 visa.
    Now I am thinking again to apply H1 and my previous i 797 got expired last year.
    "On YYYY YYYY X, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number YYYY YYYY . We will mail your approval notice. "

    So can I go with my previous petition to Visa or should apply new petition again this year.

    Is there any other option left out with me?

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    You need a valid approval notice to attend the visa stamping. So you need to find an employer who can sponsor you a H1B petition and when that gets approved, you can go for visa stamping. H1B CAP is valid for 6 years. So if your previous H1B was approved within the last 6 years, then any U.S employer can file a new H1B petition for you using the CAP from the old H1B approval notice and request an immediate start date. No need to go through a new CAP (quota).
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