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Extension of stay denied, H1B extension approved.

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  • Extension of stay denied, H1B extension approved.

    My extension of stay was denied but my H1b got approved. I am aware that I need to go out of the country get stamping and come back.
    The notice letter was dated 5th Feb 2016. Within how many days do I have to leave, after receiving the notice. I am planning to leave on 4th March 2016. Is that okay?

    Some Info:
    My old I-94 expired on 09/30/2015.
    My old H1b expired on 09/30/2015.
    New H1b start date is 10/02/2016.

    Also how many days overstay do I have to mention in DS-160?
    Please help. Thanks.

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    We are in same situation . As per my knowledge we need to leave country as soon as possible . Normally they give you 30 days to leave country after receiving EOS denial. Please ask your attorney is thr anything written about 30 days in the notice ??