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H1B dropbox wait times

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  • H1B dropbox wait times

    I submitted my documents and passport on 12-Sep for H1B renewal. When I track the progress, the CEAC tracker shows that the case received date was 14-Sep and the status reads "Ready". All other means of tracking appear to be consistent with the status too.

    The case was updated as recently as today (21-Sep), but the status remains "Ready".

    How likely is the process to be completed on or before 23-Sep? (I'm set to travel on 24-Sep.) Are the online statuses completely accurate? It's been a long time since the document submission and case receipt dates, but there are hardly any updates. Discussions on other boards seem to suggest a lot of people are waiting on their cases that were filed before 10-Sep! So I do understand they seem to take a lot of time to complete the stamping but I'm just wondering if the online status updates are completely reliable.

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    Hey Did u get your passport?I did not know that it could take this long. I was told it takes few days to receive the passport. My status says Admin processing. What does that mean?