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Documents Required for H1B.

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  • Documents Required for H1B.

    Currently I am applying for H1B VISA from my current company but the helpdesk person in my office is asking me to submit detailed experience certificates from all my previous companies, The certificate should contain my date of joining, release, designation and the technology with which I was working with. I do have experience certificates from all my previous jobs but none of them is having the details about the technology I was working with.

    Basically I am a B.Sc Physics graduate with 81 months of S/W experience. From my other friends I came to know that when they had applied last year they didn't have to submit such certificates.

    Could any one please let me know if this requirement is mandatory. If yes then when it was ammended to the policy for H1B.


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    Hi Rashmi,

    No employer will mention on what skills you worked. Some times we may end up working in many skills and tools, it is difficult to mention all the skills in your experience letter. The experience certificate will contain only your date of joining, release, designation when you are leaveing. Your consultant requires all your experience letters, resume, education certificates and other certificates to evaluate your qualification for H1B. Attorneys evaluates based on your docuents. If you submit more docuemtns which are related to proof your skills makes easier to get H1B approval.

    This are all just my thoughts, not sure about actual process.
    Good luck