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Travel while h4 in progress

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  • Travel while h4 in progress

    My H1-B got an extension till Apr'2019 and based on that I have applied extension for my wife and kid but waiting for their approval of an extension.

    I have applied H4-extension for my wife in the month of Feb'18 but the processing time in USCIS website says 12-14 months. We booked the flight tickets and planning for a vacation in the Month of Sep'18 hence not sure whether my family will get the extension by that time but very less change to get.

    Hence my question is

    1. Whether myfamily can do the travel along with me as I have applied H4-extension for my spouse and boy (6Yrs old).H4-extension in progress in US

    2. if my family leave the US then what will happen for my family H4- extension application ?

    3. Whether I can apply for the H4-Visa from India during my vacation and May I know what are the formalities? Is it same like applying H4-VISA from start for my family or it's anything different, consider based on my New I-94 documents?

    5. Whether we need to get any kind of documents from the employer to show that we have applied for H4-extension and in-progress
    as the main reason is my family H4-Visa got expired and the immigration team shouldn't think that my family has been overstayed ?

    Could you guys share your thought/experience/suggestion, Thanks in advance