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  • Maximum days Stay at USA

    Hello Team, I have following situation. Kindly review and provide your expert advise.

    My H1B VISA / I-94 is valid until 1st week of March 2019, My 6th year is completing on June 15th 2019 and I have approved 1-140. My Employer is filing Extn + Amendment by mid Jan 2019 to extn. in that case,

    How long this processing takes now days to get response from USCIS?
    Can I stay beyond Mid June if the results are pending with USCIS?
    Can I upgrade my case to Premium once premium processing starts after Feb. 2019.
    Any difficulty or situation that I have to keep in mind?

    Waiting for response.

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    Extension timeline for H1B is similar to any other H1B process. Normal processing should be around 3 months or so.
    If your case is pending with USCIS then yes you can continue to work.

    The below video talks more about these scenarios.