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Serious advice needed! H1 transfer and Labor application

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  • Serious advice needed! H1 transfer and Labor application

    I am reaching the end of my 5th year H1 visa. My company is asking me to move to Canada. I am interviewing outside and close to getting an offer but the visa GC process is the sticky point now.

    Two questions.
    ----My current H1 is for a Sr App Developer / Technical Lead for specific SAP technologies. The new job is for a Business Analyst at a senior level in a non SAP area. Work is non technical and working with business and managing projects. Can I transfer my current H1 for this new job ?

    The new company has to start immediately and file my Labor application before end of October to satisfy the 1 year requirement for 7th year extension.
    ----The job I am applying was advertised mid May and yet to be filled. Can they use the ad process, interviews that were done for this job to satisfy the PERM requirements for Labor application? If this is possible , I can sell this point to them and mention that it is easier to apply labor and hopefully convince them to give me an offer.

    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.