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F1 to H-1B COS - Very Urgent!!!

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  • F1 to H-1B COS - Very Urgent!!!

    My I-20 expires on 8/20/06 and my employer has applied for a H-1B with a start date of 10/1/06. I have already exhausted my OPT as this is my second Master's program. And I know that F1 students have a 60 day grace period after program completion (which in my case is 8/20/06) to either leave the country or change status. As I am currently pursuing my thesis, my question is what if I cannot defend my thesis by 8/20/06...will this scenario be considered as program completion and am I eligible for a 60 day grace period (as I can always use the grace period to wrap up things in the US including defending thesis). Can somebody who has been through this situation please advise ASAP. And in my situation changing status from F1 to H-1B is perfectly legal as my H-1B has a start date within the 60 day grace period. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you!