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H1B visa stamping while in USA

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  • H1B visa stamping while in USA

    I am in USA since August 2000. From Aug 2000 to June 2003 I was in F1 visa status and from June 2003 onwards I am on H1B. My spouse is currently on H4 (she was previously on F2 when I was on F1).

    I have never been to India ever since I came here. My passport still has the F1 visa stamp (visa stamp expired in June 2003) issued by the Consulate in Kolkata. So does my spouse's passport. We have valid I-797s though for H1/H4. My question is is it possible to get our passport stamped with H1/H4 in Canada/Mexico in our situation or do we have to get this done only in India?

    Also what documents are needed for stamping (either in Canada/Mexico or India)? I have changed employment in 2004. Do I need the I-797s of both my previous and current employer for the stamping process?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
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