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  • VFS Appointment for self and Family

    Hi all,
    I have a strange problem!

    I had initially booked a web appointment in Nov 1st week 2006.But,after realising that i cannot add dependants who were coming along with me to the consulate in Chennai,i Cancelled and had to take a date of 8th Feb 2007

    Now,I have been regularly trying to reschedule my interview to sometime in OCT/NOV/DEC but, it seems VFS does not allow you access to earlier dates even if they become available if you had cancelled your appointment once!!

    Strange thing here is that I can see that several dates were availabe(when i directly check out from the VFS-USA homepage without giving details of passport no and receipt no) in Oct,Nov and Dec(bulk dates for this month),but the system just did not allow me to reschedule and kept on showing me dates in Jan/Feb 2007.

    I feel this is outright discrimination against genuine candidates like me.

    Has anyone else also faced the same issue?? Please confirm if you already have a solution for this.(apart from taking a different receipt and trying to schedule an interview again!!)

    Any help from Senior members and other folks is really appreciated.


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    Feeling sorry about your situation, Basu!

    Did you contact your local VFS office for this?
    May be if they have anything that can help you!

    Best Luck,

    -- NS