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MisRepresentation of State of residence

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  • MisRepresentation of State of residence

    My Appointmnt was scheduled in chennai in Jan07. I decided to change to Mumbai & Cancelled (1st time). After checking availablity i filled Forms again & Tried to Book Mumbai(On green colored dates) But instead of confirming it was taking me back to chennai calendar..!!! this happend 5/6 times. i thought of trying it in Delhi & there also same problem..!! Again i started with my saved application & tried in Delhi this time, when i clicked on delhi feb 07 available green dates. But it has again confirmed me Chennai date.(100% sure i clicked delhi)Has anybody faced this problem...?

    One more option to get Mumbai dates is Select State of residence "Maharastra". (Though i'm from karnataka). When we send docs to Mumbai (1 week before) along with it,write a letter to Mumbai consulate stating the situation & telling that knowingly i misrepresented this point.
    Will the consulate accept this ? Is it wise to do this..?
    Since i got only 1 more time to cancel & i dont want to messup.

    pls let me know if anybody has done this before & Suggestions/experiences of friends on this matter