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13 Yrs Exp waiting for one confirmation

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  • 13 Yrs Exp waiting for one confirmation

    I have 13 years of IT experience and currently holding a middle management position in a CMMi level 4 company. I've worked with 100-500 companies and was offered by Big Blue also. Now, I'm planning to goto USA for 3-5 years but I don't have college degree but I'm Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Function Point Analyst and Certified PMP.
    My question is simple, do I stand a Chance?

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    The quota for this years H1 visas is currently exhausted. You need to get in touch with companies that will sponsor your H1 visa next year. The quota begins in April 2008 so you need to have your papers sent in before that.


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      Hi leifbo****
      My question is not about the current quota. All I want to know is that since I don't have college degree so will it be possible to get H1B if I show my experience and certifications? Do they consider these things or college degree is a must?


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        You can apply for H1..no US college degree is required.
        ...not a legal advice.


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          Educational Evaluation against experience

          There are companies/professionals who write out an educational evaluation against experience to match your work experience to the required college degree.

          This is very helpful for you to apply for your visa.

          Your employer/attorney should know of this, if not, google.

          Good luck.


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            THanks people! I've found out that TrustForte Corp (www.trustfortecorp.com) helps in academic evaluation. I hope this will help others too.