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  • H1 to L1 TO H1


    I was on valid stamped H1 working with my employer for 2 years.
    Same employer filed for my H1 extension which I haven’t received on time,
    hence employer filed my L1 as well on premium which I got within a month.
    I went back to India got and my L1 stamped.

    After I came back in US company also received my H1 approval which has longer validity thn L1.

    Now I want to change my JOB can I use my approved H1 and start working for new employer by transferring the H1 to new employer.
    If yes what is the procedure for the same ?
    If NO do I have to get H1 stamped before I transfer to new employer?

    Pls. respond ASAP

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    what you will need to do is have a transfer from L1 to H1 approved before you can work for H1 employer.

    or once H1 is approved you will need to get H1 stamped.


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      H1 to L1 To H1

      You are saying L1 to H1 transfer what I need to do for that? do I have to go back to India and get H1 stamped or it is change of status form only ?
      Once again I have approved extention petition for H1 already.

      Psl. Elaborate more.