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Got 221(g) yellow on 23rd Aug..Seniors please reply urgently..!!!

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  • Got 221(g) yellow on 23rd Aug..Seniors please reply urgently..!!!


    I had my interview today on 23rd August at Mumbai consulate. This is how the interview went :

    VO : So you want to go to US for work ?
    Me : Yes

    VO : How did you contact the company ?
    Me : blah blah blah

    VO : Where are you working currently ?
    ME : xyz

    VO : Since how long are you working here ?
    ME : xxx months

    Vo : What would you be working on in US ?
    Me : blah blah blah

    VO : How many rounds of interview did US company conduct ?
    Me : 3

    Then she told me that your passport is damaged and gave me 221(g) and told me to submit a new passport along with DS-156 and DS-157 at VFS office and then they will issue a visa and courier back the passport to me. Actually my lamination on the first page of passport was torn a little bit.

    I want to know what does this mean ? Does this imply that I have cleared the interview ? What is the difference between 221(g) yellow, blue and green ? Also the VO returned my I-797 and did not take the pink copy of HDFC Bank receipt.She even gave me the envelope back and told me to submit everything. What all things do i need to resubmit along with passport and ds-156 and 157 ? Do I have to submit the original I-797 and the pink copy of HDFC receipt ?


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    someone please reply..!!!!


    Please can anyone reply back ? I want to know for stamping what all documents are required at the consulate ? I have all my documents with me except DS-156 and DS-157.When I submit my new passport what documents are required to be resubmitted ?



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      Yes it looks like once you provide the new passport with DS-156/7
      you should get the visa.

      Look at the yellow slip it should have all the instructions. Do contact the passport office and get your passport fixed. Follow exactly what the yellow slip says and you should be ok.