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  • H1B transfer

    Hi Rep,
    I arrived in the US on the 21st of august 07. My current employer delayed my coming to the US for nearly 10 months insisting that I pay 4400USD which I had to do and hence the delay. I belong to the Oct 06 visa quota. My current employer is asking me to lie and **** information on my resume which is unethical and so I want to quit employment with him and move to another one. Luckily I got a new employer to my satisfaction and a good firm. They are willing to transfer my H1B. Its been 3 weeks since I arrived in the US.I have applied for my SSN which should come by the end of next week. I do not have the pay stub from my current employer since its just 3 weeks since I came to the US. Can I go for a H1B transfer ? Kindly advise.


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    I highly appreciate your honesty. But in your best interests, I would advise you work for your current employer for atleast 2-3 months to get that many pay-stubs. This is required for transfer.


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      Actually the advice for 2-3 months is based on the fact that you have been working for the employer that long and to ensure there was no 'benching' in this case it is like fresh H1's worried about producing payslips for 3 months before applying for their spouses H4. This makes them wait and make life more difficult when it would be easier for the family to apply together.

      In this case if you can prove that it has only been 3 weeks since you came stateside and thats how long you have been working then you can get away with that.