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H1B Interview @Chennai

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  • H1B Interview @Chennai

    Hi friends

    I am new to this group..I booked appointment for H1 & H4 in chennai consulate 3rd week of Nov 2007.I want to know abt H1 B visa procedure and what are all documents req and also plz give me some advise about interview.My profile, I have 5 years of exp in IT.

    My employer is not giving me now (for interview)
    1) IT Returns for Last 2 years..
    2) Client Letter
    3) Project Document --- Do i really need Project Document if i am working @Client side?
    4) Wage Reports

    but my employer said, will provide after visa interview if consulate will ask...i mean if they will issue 221(g).

    If i do not have these above documents, will this any problem for my visa interview

    Can you please do the needful...


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    It looks like you are trying for a job through a indian consultant. And most of these fellows ask you to pay 2000-3000$ for the visa which they should pay and not you.And on top of that if they dont provide the right documents, what is the guarantee he will provide if in worst case the consulate asks for more papers. Stay away from this fellow, he is not being clear and not willing to give these documents. I hope you havent paid anything to him, coz most of these beggars do this and when you go back asking about more documentation they remain quiet and dont respond back after taking your money.this is what has been happening. Do not pay a single penny and do not give any of your documents to this fool.All the best. He should give you all documentation needed and then go for the interview. If he doesnt ask him to get lost and find another job. I really hope you havent paid this clown anything.
    Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.


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      Thank you for your reply

      I have not paid anything ...


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        But for visa application and fees who is paying? I really dont recommend this as it shows the employer is not strong enough to present the needed documents. A good employer should be able to provide these basic documents. Personally Indian consultants are loosers and give a hard time for everyone.They think we are at their mercy for H1 visa....they are the beggars who swindle and fool around.
        Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.


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          I think you should discuss with your Employer in detail. If your employer has no experience, you should consult an Attorney in the US.


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            All the documents you mentioned are mandatory.
            If you dont have any of the document,then dont go for interviw.
            I have attended the interview in chennai sep14th and they asked all documents..anyway i got the visa.
            Please dont take risk and dont go...these are mandatory that they are asking.
            Good luck