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  • 221-G Pending

    Hi All,

    I attended for the VISA interview on 19th September 2007 at Chennai consulate for H1B. After asking some questions the VO issued me 221-G blue form ticking all the options in that form for employer and asked me to drop the documents in VFS drop box.

    I dropped all the documents on 3rd October. I have submitted all the documents including original i-797, i-129, LCA, DS-156, DS-157 and my passport along with the documents sent by my employer.

    I want to know how many days does it take to know the status? Can anyone help me out. Thanks for your time.

    You can mail me at [email protected] or can call me at 9885424236.

    Sandeep Kumar

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    It takes atleast 4-12 weeks. Did they ask for a client letter if so it will tkae longer to verify the letter.

    Not a legal advise.


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      No, They didn't asked for the client letter but as I will be working for the client directly, so my employer provided the letter from the client stating that I will be working for them on the client's letterhead.

      I have seen cases where a person has recieved the passport in this type of case within 10 days. Can anyone respond back who has recieved a visa in such a case.

      Thanks for your time.


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        Finally I got my VISA stamped today i.e. 16-OCT-2007. A miracle for me. :-)

        Don't loose hope guys.....u will get it...soon...


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          Got 221 yellow slip need help

          I had my interview on 15 oct at delhi consulate.
          VO asked me only two three question, after that
          he has asked me to handover all my petition document and my passport.
          And he had given me one yellow slip and marked one point which shows that " my document need administartive processing".

          Help me do i stand any chance for getting visa.


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            221g Admin Process...Please help

            Hi Guys !

            Can you please help me with following query:-

            I attended my H1B interview in london this week. I was asked basic questions but it looked like interviewer was not happy with employer because its small company and he kept checking employer documents only. In the end; he gave me 221g form with reason 'Admin Processing'.

            Before he handed me 221g; he asked for my original master degree certificate which i gave and he went away with it for 30 seconds (probably photo copy)Then he ticked the 'Admin Processing' coloumn on 221g and gave me with my master degree, passport and II797B form

            Could you tell me what is reason behind and what would they do now.

            I am having 5 year U.K workpermit and working for very big company here and also done my masters here from u.k in I.T. Even these things could not help me to get visa. My 221g is white paper and I dont think they give it in any other colour in london consulate


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              I got 221g Yeloow Form in Mumbai Consulate

              What means by different color like at mumbai consulate




              I got Yellow form 221g stating that " need administrative processing "
              How much chances that i will get visa ?

              How much time it take ?


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                Please send us the sample documents:

                umeshvid111: Can you please us your 221(g) Yellow at Mumbai?

                vicky2k2: Can you please send us your 221(g) Yellow at Delhi?
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