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H1B I/w @ Chennai - Oct 12th

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  • H1B I/w @ Chennai - Oct 12th

    Appmt Time: 12:45 pm

    Went in @ close to 11:30 pm and realised there was no point in going early coz they called

    out for people acc. to their appmt time.
    It was a wait outside in the hall for around 1 hour & then you are taken into a Q inside

    the bldg.

    The wait there was again for more than an hour & then you are called in to give your finger

    prints after which you join another line, which is directed to 3-4 counters with the FSO

    (Foreign Service officers)/VO(Visa Officers).

    My turn came around 2:10 pm & lasted for 2 min.
    Questions asked:

    Q: Been to the states before?
    A: No

    Q:what are you going to be working on? - Answered

    Q: Do you have a proj. description
    A: No

    Qo you have a tax/financial documents
    A: No, But i have the offer letter & agreement copy if you want a have a look.

    you will recv. your visa in 2 working days time,keep smilin & have a good day.
    -> you too!! cya

    I did see a lot of smiling faces with glowing confidence who recv. a blue/pink slip & a

    coupla others who were very nervous while giving a proj. description!!

    what i'm trying to say is , there is no ****** to getting thru the i/w, i guess it depends

    on ur company reputation & how you present yourself.

    All the best to the rest of y'all waiting for your i/w.