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New Delhi - Successful Stamping

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  • New Delhi - Successful Stamping

    Time for some philanthropy.

    - Go to gate #6 on Nyaya Marg
    - They will check for your appointment date in their records. Show your I'V letter
    - Next you get security check (frisking)
    - Next you move to seperate lines for different categories of vise
    - You reach a window where your passport I-797 and DS forms will be checked and arranged in order. Details entered into their records
    - Next you move to another security check (kind of x-ray checks you have at airports). They will take away your Mobile phones and give you a coupon to collect it on your way out.
    - Next you get into another queue to get your finger prints taken
    - Now finally you get into the visa officers window queue. In all there are 8 queues. This is the only place that takes time.
    - Questions asked -
    - Where do you work?
    - For how long have u been working at this place?
    - Where is your office located?
    - What are you going to work on, at your US employer ?
    - Where did u get married (wife's H4)
    - How did you two met ?
    - Was it arrange or love marriage ?
    ..... checks something on his computer screen.....
    - Your visa's are approved, you will get it couriered in two days time.