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H1b question/doubt, pls help

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  • H1b question/doubt, pls help


    I having my H1B appointment next week. I would really appreciate if you could help me in this regard.

    - The consular website now says to bring the following documents in person at the interview :
    photographs,prospects, brochure and annual report of the company which is providing or has applied for H1B petition.

    While photographs, prospects.. etc is OK. But annual report is confidential thing. My employer is a bit apprehensive of sending me the annual report of the company. Is it mandatory to bring the above mentioned documents. If I am not able to bring the annual report, would it hamper my chances of getting visa? ( I am assuming that it would definitely mean visa rejection). Is there any other alternative ?

    - My parents are permanent residents of US. Would this affect my chances of getting the visa.

    Many thanks,

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    H1b question/doubt, pls help

    Hi ,

    U can ask your employer about anual reports or you can check in your company website. Usually bigger companies will keep their annual report in their websites. If they are available there take a printout of that.

    wish you good luck