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H4 stamping

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  • H4 stamping

    My son had H4 valid visa till Sep 30, 2007 as depended on my H1, my employer extended both H1 and H4 for both of us and got I-129 and I-539 till Sep 30, 2010.
    My wife had H1B valid visa till Sep 30, 2007, she transferred her H1B to different employer on Aug14 2006 and she is having valid I-129 till Aug 13, 2009.
    My wife & son were attended for Visa stamping at Chennai consulate on Dec 06, 2007. We filled my son's DS-156 & all other documents as my depended, attached all required supporting documents of mine along with his extension notice I-539.
    Found that they stamped visa for my son as a depended of my wife, when we received Passports from US consulate (by courier).

    Please any can suggest ,what would be the impacts while port of entry ? on GC process (both of them are my dependents on GC process) & how to correct it ?


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    it does not matter at POE or for GC. The only problem would arise if your wife's H2 or status changes due to some reason then you might have to transfer his H4 to ur H1. But same applies in reverse case.