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Issued 221G blue with App Processing ticked..Can any one suggest thier views?

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  • Issued 221G blue with App Processing ticked..Can any one suggest thier views?

    Hi All,
    I have been to Chennai on Jan 10 and VO asked me what's my highest qualification , I said I have done bachelors in Mechanical and he asked me to show the PGDCA cetificate which I have declared in DS 157 and he also asked my Btech transcripts and he was looking at my Computer related subjects , He has noticed 2 subjects for the first 2 years , i.e one in each year and he said I am not eligible for this post as I dont have sufficient exp , I said I have 2.9 yeas of experience , he said as I dint have 2 subjects for 2 years I should be having 2*3 = 6 Years of expeience .( I actually had a computer subject which was my elective in my final year , which I really forgot at that moment ).

    Also I was given a piece of white paper which he asked me to write that " I have completed B tech Mechnical from YYYY university and I have a PGDCA diploma certificate and I have 2.9 years of experience " At the bottom of the paper it was printed ,all the information you have written is true as per my knowledge.

    He said I am sending your petition back to USCIS( Took my I797 , DS 156 157) and they would investigate the case and get back to my petitioner.

    Unfortunately or fortunately I was given back that white paper along with my 221 g form ( VO gave it unknowingly ) , I too checked it after going back home .

    Seniors with all your experiences what you have been noticing the earlier cases , can any one guess , is there an chance for me getting this issue resolved . can I keep any hopes on this , and approximately how long this could take.

    In 221g "Appliction processing Infomation " was the option which was ticked , Does this refer to Administration process which I was reading in many cases .. Guys dont mind with my quries , I'm a Novice in all these things.

    Appreciable if any one can take some pain and email me with their views or suggestions at the below mentioned id ... Thanks every one.I hope someone would respond back soon ...

    Srinivas G
    [email protected]