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need help, stamping from F1 to H1, what to do?

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  • need help, stamping from F1 to H1, what to do?

    Hi to all,I entered US as a student and later i transfer from F1 to H1-B
    while i was in US, so the visa which i have on my passport is still F-1 and that is valid till 2005 now i am wondering
    that if i exit from US which i have to go by march,than again i have to apply for the visa, which i am worried which
    is very difficult these days. so is there any way that I can get a visa while I am in US
    before leaving US. Because somebody was telling me that if u apply through St.Louis for visa
    you can do that but its gona take 2-3 months, which is not a problem but is that true, or what
    should i do? any kind of information would be more than appreciated., thanks to all

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    can you state the difficulty ?

    Thousands of professionals successfully get their H1B visas every year. Can be specific what the difficulty is ?


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      can i do it from st.louis or mexico?

      see my only concern is, can i apply it for visa stamping while i am in US, i mean to say frm st.louis or do i have to go out US and apply for visa to come back ??????


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        anyways thanx priyal73.....

        i am sorry priyal73, i didnt thanks for ur prompt response, which i appreciated from the bottom of my heart, but could u plz tell me that is there any way i can get stamped while i am in US without going out of US, i mean to say applying from st.louis or i cant apply from there, i have to go out US and apply from my homeland.
        once again thanking u


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          Re: anyways thanx priyal73.....

          You have to leave US for first time visa stamping of H1B. Cannot get it in US


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            well you can

            well you can always go to canada or mexico..As you have US masters degree .. you will get your visa stamped easily.

            BTW..this is for priya..
            Every body that lots of people get visa.. thats the advice people are askign for .. People asking for remedy or some consultation .. Change your answers while answering on forums ..


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              Re: well you can


              Visit this site for more info


              I guess you would probebly find some answers.

              Good Luck !