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Very very urgent help needed

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  • Very very urgent help needed

    Last edited by Kumar27; 07-30-2008, 12:20 PM.

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    You are just being crazy to expect a legal document in this regard. It is common sense. Go spend couple of $$ and talk to a lawyer if you are paranoid about something as simple as this.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      Now, wait a minute ...

      ... why was this "very, very, urgent" in the first place? I am sorry, but if this is indeed an emergency, please call USCIS or retain a senior attorney immediately.

      Secondly, you may or may not find any such document you're looking for. If your employer has contested your transfer in any way, then your new company, USCIS or your attorney can fight it out. You do not need to show any "legal document" or "written law" which states anything specific.

      TXH1B has been a very esteemed member of the forum and responding to tons of people with the same issues over and over again, while some of them being totally different too. Please do understand that each member who responds is a volunteer and does not get paid for any service given.

      Now calm down and get your work done rather than being upset and causing more harm to yourself than to others.

      Take care.


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        Originally posted by Kumar27
        I really appreciate that he is helping people...but he need to learn which kind of words he should use while replying...Many people here are confuse people..they really need some level of jenuine reply and moral support...I really owe so much to this forum for helping me so far..But i didn't expect whis kind of reply..Anyways thanks knowledgeable for reply
        Well, with your post, you have proved who needs more education and schooling. Give me a break!

        There is nothing to be hurt in my reply and that was not my intent in the first place. Do I hold any personal grudge against you, BTW?

        I need to eat food every day. Can you show me a legal document that can say I can eat food?

        I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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          From my experience, most of the people posting questions in this forum are like user kumar27 - childish, with juvenile brain and attitude and expect spoonfeeding on anything they ask. For God's sake GROW UP, atleast now!!! kumar27 you should not use badwords for any senior member in any forum. How can you think of doing that after getting free advice here, you suck man, you really do.

          Go get a life, and for your legal document take your **** to an attorney's office and spend some $$$.

          And yes for moral support, talk to your mom and dad or to your wife... hahaha very very urgent moral support


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            Kumar27 is really rude. TXh1B is most reliable and knowledgeable member in this form. I appreciate the way he responds to the queries.
            The very fact that "Leap Frog" exists for saving L1b visa was known to me in this forum and through TxHiB.

            I paid $75 to an attorney and he aslo told me the same thing.

            Thank you, TxH1B.

            I hope members like Kumar27 do not disappoint you.


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              I agree with you Knowledgeable that people who come to the forum are in need of help. User kumar27 probably is being threatened and exploited by his employer in an unlawful way. But in immigration to US who does not face it? I have faced it, I know txh1b has faced it at some point (for his wife) and we all need to face the situation and come up to it and find a solution. Its all consultants or an outsourcing company through whom most apply for the H or L visa respectively. And both these category of employers are known to be bloodsuckers. The situation he is in is nothing new. So he should have been grateful to people responding to his query, and at the least he should not have resorted to using inappropriate words for those who respond to him.

              Nothing against you you are a saintly good human being not to get aggrieved by his reply. Take care.


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                NM, thanks admin
                Last edited by orion; 07-29-2008, 08:34 PM.


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                  Please read https://www.immihelp.com/disclaimer/, particularly the second half.

                  I appreciate all the senior users like txh1b, PraetorianXI, orion, knowlegeable (just to name few, I apologize if I missed others). All of them are volunteers and provide free but very valuable service to the community. A lot of them spend a lot of time researching the matters and help others. They are truly appreciated a lot and we value them enormously.
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                    Immihelp ...

                    ... Thank you for the kind words.

                    In fact, I had not read the disclaimer myself, though a firm believer of it as I write these for all my and my company's web sites and documentations.

                    Your disclaimer is perfect, yes this nice person should read it first before making any rude remarks about anybody.

                    Thanks again.