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H1B Extension & H4 Problem

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  • H1B Extension & H4 Problem


    I do have H1B visa which expires on 30 Sep 08 and my wife is in India. i want to make her apply for H4 in India but my visa expires on 30 Sep 08, i have applied for H1B extension as regular case a month back but has not got approval yet. i do have got receipt number though.

    1) Now should i be applying for her H4 right now or not?
    2) Having just one month left of my H1B validity risks her H4 or not? if yes than which risks are associated?
    3) Should i make my H1B extension case a premium or not? which risks that would involve?
    4) what are the alternate ways to get my wife legally in USA at the earliest
    date possible? and would it affect H4 proceeding later on?
    5) which way i could get her in USA asap if H1B extension would take so long to get approved?

    Let me know if i need to know something crucial or take any actions in my case.

    Thanks for replying
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