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    My employer is one of the worst I have ever dealt with. Right from start they gave me problems as to not informing me about my WAC no etc etc, taking about $2000 from me as security deposit, not willing to find projects and not willing to talk to the clients if I find a project too. When I got my visa, they sent a mail asking me not to enter United States when they knew I was making arrangements for the same. I panicked because I had done my air ticket booking etc, When I called them, they said that mail was for some one else and it mistakenly came to you. I entered USA and they asked me to send them an email stating that I am on vacation since it was taking time for them to talk to the client I had already spoken to and they were in process of reaching an agreement. I wrote an email etc...They did not pay me for the time I was on bench. I got my project and there was never a formal offer letter, email or any contract signed between me and the company. After my project started, my payment was made on time. But I had decided to leave this employer as they would create issues later once I finish this project. they had also promised to return my security deposit and air fare once I got to USA. I moved from this employer to another employer. I gave a week's notice since there was no official contract indicating any notice period etc. When now I asked them for my money, they are not ready to pay it. Now they claim that my entry to USA was fradulent and they have proofs for it. I am not sure whether I should approach the labor department or not as even though my entry is legal. They have emails to their record. Whatever I spoke to them was oral communication and I have no record of it. Let me know if anyone who have encountered such issues and how did they deal with it.