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Urgent-H1B->H4 in india-DS156 form

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  • Urgent-H1B->H4 in india-DS156 form

    I need urgent help in following matter
    I came in USA in March 2008(on H4 Visa) and applied for H1B in april 2008 which got approved in October 2008. But since then I am not working so no pay stubs. Now my employer wants me to change status from H1B to H4. I am planning to go to India for this. But I heard filling DS156 form is very complicated in this case.
    has any one gone thru same situation? please help.
    If they ask me about Why I didn't work while I was on H1B what proper justification should I give ?
    Any Experience. Any Ideas?
    Any suggestions for preparing myself for H4 Visa interview?

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    Beware of lying on forms. It could lead to bigger problems.

    I stole money from my dad's pocket long ago. He caught me and punished me for it. I am filling a form with the question "Did you ever steal?" What shall I answer?
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      Thanks Orion and immigrationN !
      Should I expect any question while going to India ?
      Do you have information about immi lawyer in Mumbai?