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Misplaced I-94

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  • Misplaced I-94

    Hi All,

    During the recent house movement I seem to have misplaced my I-94 and I am not able to find it. What do I need to do ? After visiting the USCIS website I think I need to apply for for I-102. Also my Indian passport is up for renewal by July. Can someone help me with the following questions

    (1.) Do I need to file for a police report and my I-94 was not stolen but I lost it in the house? The house movement was more then a month back. My I-94 validity is till October 2009

    (2.) How long will it take for my new I-94 to come ?

    (3.) In the instructions for for filling form I-102, I did not see any specific requirement for sending in the original passport. Is that fine if I just send my VISA and the page where the date of admission is stamped. What all other documents can speed up the process ?

    (4.) Do I need to have my I-94 before I apply for a new passport or I can do both the activities simultaneously ?

    Any other pointers which can help me in getting my I-94 as well as passport soon would be highly appreciated ?

    Thanks and Regards
    Nand Kishore Sagi

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    Search CBP website.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.