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  • H1B visa

    I am currently on H1-B Visa, which is valid until Sept 2010. However, there is a possibility that I may be “out of status” in mid-July (tentative). I need to evaluate what my options are and had a few questions about them

    1. Leave of Absence - If I take a leave of absence, which is unpaid, am I still considered as maintaining an active employer-employee relationship and can preserve my H1-B status in that manner ? Another alternative is to go on LOA for a duration and get a severance check dated after the LOA period.

    2. What is part time H1B? Can a severance of 2 weeks be distributed for a part time H1-B for 4 weeks

    3. Is the process of an H1 transfer (in case I land a temporary offer from a consulting firm) or H1 approval (in case I transfer back from F1 to H1) equivalent ? I may need to decide between the H1 transfer thru a consulting outfit vs going to F1 status and reverting back to H1 as soon as I get a job.

    4. Is it a law that in order to go for unpaid personal leave of absence you need to exhaust your vacation

    Kindly respond to my questions. I would really appreciate your help.