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H1B extension question

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  • H1B extension question


    I tried searching the forum for answers but couldn't find. I got my H1B/visa through employer A and got it stamped in 2005 but landed in the US in Sep 2006. I got my H1B transferred again in March 2007 to Employer B. I believe they applied for an extension as well so I got it approved till May 2010 and got the new visa stamped as well. Now I am with another employer C and my visa expires in May 2010, the H1B was approved until May 2010. Will I be able to apply for H1B extension with employer C. Also my initial six years was until 2011(considering I got it approved in 2005 initially), but since I entered the US in 2006, will I be able to apply for a 2 year extension this time so I can get it till May 2012 with employer C.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes. H1B is for 6 years and it is the time that you spend in U.S.
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      Thank you very much for your response. I was only concerned about getting it extended the second time within the 6 year period and from your response I gather it's possible. Thanks again.