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  • H1B Visa Holder Dependent

    Dear All,
    I need your view in a situation we are struck in and not able to decide what would be the best way to go for.

    I have a H1B Visa Holder who bought his wife on H4 to US. Within an Year he applied for H1 for the spouse which was approved but she could not start the work as she did not get any enough oppurtunities due to recession. Unfortunately now the husband's health is in a very critical situation and doctors have said that only miracle could save him (Need all your prayers for his recovery). We were thinking about the future of the wife since her H1 is valid till Oct 2010 (but did not had the paystub generated from the time of approval). Will she be able to Stay in US till Oct within that time she can get into a job and then apply for extension? (She does not have anyone close in India now as most of her relatives are settled in US itself).

    We also have one more question - Will she be getting any benefits if any unfortunate thing happens?

    Your inputs would be of a great value to us.


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    Technically speaking, her stay is now illegal as she is not paid.
    For H1 people, no benefits from Govt. Employer has to take care of anything.

    As husband is still employed, he can get any financial benefits from insurance for medical expenses. Also better to sign for disability insurance, if possible. And life insurance too.

    Hope everything will go fine.