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h1b docs clarification needed

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  • h1b docs clarification needed

    I got all the H1B related documents filed in 2009.I need some clarifications on the following point before going for stamping.

    1.My LCA states that Iam the fulltime employee of the my sponserer and iam going to work in his company which is in xxx state.
    But I got invitation letter from sponserer saying that iam going to work at one of their clients( location is in yyy state).
    Is it ok with that. Can I go ahead with the documents wahtever i had ?

    thank you

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    You will need the H1B amended and a new LCA is required for the change in work location.

    Check this
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Thank you very much for your reply.

      My employer is saying that it won't create any problems for stamping and new LCA is required at the POE . is it true?

      Can I go ahead for stamping with old LCA.


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        That is not true. Search the forum. People have got 221g for an invalid LCA. If you work for a consultancy company and if your actual work location is different from from your LCA, then a new LCA is required.
        Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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          Hi Kumar,

          What shervin has mentioned is correct.
          LCA should be for the location where you are going to work physically.
          This is to make sure that you are getting paid as per the law.
          For eg) LCA for a Los Angeles location will have always more Wage amount as compared to Denver location LCA.Because LA is a costly city to live.
          At POE - the officer don;t look at LCA (99% times) .

          Thanks and Regards,