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  • H4 Blue slip wait time


    My husband and I appeared for interview 3 days apart because we couldn't attend the interview on the same day. When he attended first they gave him a white slip for 221g clearance because he works in Nuclear engineering field. When I attended the interview 3 days after him I was told that my H4 couldnt be processed until his H1B was cleared and I was issued a blue slip and told to drop my passport along with husband's visa copy when it arrives. I was not asked any other documents other than my husband's visa copy. I have been a housewife and I have a software engineering background and never had required a clearance of my own. Now after nearly a 45 day wait, my husband received his visa. My question is will my visa also take a long time to get stamped? Do I also need to wait upto 60 days? The reason I ask this is because it looks to me like my husband's case wasn't picked up until 2 days ago because the status changed only 2 days ago and I want to know, will they take that long just to pick up the case Or can I expect mine to be sooner because it is technically just a stamping?