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DS 160 sibling question

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  • DS 160 sibling question

    I'm on F1 visa till now, going for H1B stamping next week. I didn't mention about the sibling, who was having her green card when I went for my F1 stamping. My sister planned to come back to the home country so she wouldn't be staying in US by the time I entered US. But her plans changed later and she stayed in US. Now, if I specify in my DS 160 that my sister is a permanent legal citizen, would the VO compare my old DS 160 with the new one and figure out the descrepancy. Though my sister planned to leave back then, I don't have any evidence to prove that. Please advise if it is going to create a problem

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    You can fill a new DS-160 and carry to the interview.
    If you mention the fact, no need to worry.