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  • Is this change possible?


    My fiance is currently visiting on a B2 visa. Just about the time when we were getting ready to part again though my fiance got offered a job by a company that unfortunately hires their employees as 1099 independent contractors. The hiring manager however agreed to sponsor a work visa if it is possible to get one. So my question is if a job offer is extended to work on a 1099 contract is there any type of visa that could be obtained for it? We know already that it's not possible to work on a H1B visa under such contract.

    Thank you!

    P.S.: I am sorry I am posting in this forum, I am just uncertain what to do. Also we know this is not a legal advice, we just need to see if we can find some direction in this.

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    Visa sponsorship is for W-2 employees, not for 1099 contractors.
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      So is there any visa under which my fiance can work as a 1099 independent contractor?


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        Did you read the previous reply? It clearly says "Visa sponsorship is for W-2 employees only". There is no visa for independent contractors. What you are asking is more like sponsoring your own work visa. Independent contracting is possible only for GC holders and U.S citizens.

        Originally posted by vnikolaeva View Post
        So is there any visa under which my fiance can work as a 1099 independent contractor?
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          Yes I read the previous response and even before I got it I knew that H1B visa is not an option for a 1099 contractor. Thank you for your answer though. It helps a lot.