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Green card filing question seniors please respond

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  • Green card filing question seniors please respond

    Hello Everyone,

    I am working on H-1 B for past 3 years. I have been on H-1 B with same employer from the beginning. I am planning to start my green card process with them. My employer is very good on books and also i never had any issue with him in first time stamping as well as H-1b renewal. I heard several cases getting Queries when they do H-1 transfers and i dont want to take that risk and stick to same employer even for green card. The only issue i have with this current employer is he has only 15 employees. Will that be issue? will my probability of approvals of several stages of green card depend upon the number of employees the employer has???????????????

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    That should not be an issue.
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      your issue will come when u come for h1b stamping in US consulate in India as they screen companies that have less than 50 employees...i have 10 people on list as my friends when i was waiting for my stamping in chennai